Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome To My Fantasy

3 out of a possible 4 of my fantasy football drafts are done with and although I didn't participate in any of them for reasons I'll explain shortly, I wanted to share my rosters with y'all... maybe get some input... that sorta thing. Ok it's shortly; I've never participated in a fantasy draft shhhhhhhh. I fill out my pre-draft ranked list thingy and do my research but never sign on for the draft, I just let the computer do it for me. Why? Meh... I guess one reason would be I have better things to do but honestly it just stresses me out and it's pointless. The computer's gonna pick my next highest ranked player anyways so why am I sitting there? I'm not. Besides, if by some chance I suck ass all season... you know what I'm blaming it on and it ain't me. "I was screwed from the get go!!!" Excuses are my specialty. Ok here we go:

1) League- Fatpickled
Team Name: TheTightestEnd
This league is put on by The Cooley Zone and Fatpickled. You can read about the members here at the Fatpickled blog (I'm in there ;-) and this was what I got... (click on it to make it bigger)

I hope Carson Palmer's ankle stops being lame. PS- How amazing is Hardknocks?!? I'm obsessed! I cant believe next week is already the finale! I'm gonna miss it. I've been praying that they do Hardknocks with the Washington Redskins next year... that would be insane. Who do y'all think they'll pick next year? K back to my team... Dear Michael Crabtree,
I am SICK of these stupid rookie NOBODIES demanding more money than millions of dollars. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. I kinda hope that if he does finally sign that he just breaks his foot the next day like Andre Smith because ya know what that's called??? KARMA. It's KARMA. And it doesn't matter if you're on my team or not, I don't care, Karma gets everyone. It never discriminates. Good luck Crabtree.

2) League- FFtwitter
Team Name-  TheOneThatGotAway
So some girl on Twitter who does fantasy football updates started a league and I joined because I thought... why not? I'm actually really excited about this one I adore Philip Rivers...

I think the whole team looks pretty good... a slight shortage in WR's but... whatcha gonna do? I just noticed there are 3 WR spots in this league... weird.

3) League- Fantasy Throwdown 2009
Team Name- BlondeThatSkors
This league... these are a bunch of my close friends so IT MATTERS. Whit started up the league and I HAVE TO BeaT HER. Not winning is NOT an option.

This team is and is not going to make it easy on me. Is not easy: Why so many Questionables and Probables???!! The season hasn't even STARTED yet for crying out loud. UGHHHH
Is easy: Ladanian I heart you. I'm so pumped I got you. Maybe now I can buy a Chargers jersey and validate the purchase. Yeah? Maybe? Next, Ronnie Brown you are going to be so sick this year. Ronnie went to Auburn when I did so we're as tight as two people who have never really met can possibly be. He's beast. And Williams, you'll do lol.

So what do you think? Which team is the best? Which team is the worst? What can I do to make them better? What should/shouldn't I be worried about? How do your teams look?


Sina said...

lol, you have a thing for ronnie brown and GREAT tight ends :P

Anthony M Burrola said...

After looking at your teams, I've noticed the common trend: weak at WR. Behind Andre in your second league you're lacking. Everything else looks solid, especially that sleeper D of GB.

Anyway, you're probably not interested at all, but I'm going to shamelessly advertise my football blog. It's on facebook and myspace because I'm computer illiterate at moment so here's the FB link

It's a preview on the upcoming season, and part II will be posted before Sunday (this one's just AFC).

Good luck.