Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watch Out B-more... Here We Come


In 24 hours I will be happily skipping out of work, changing into shorts, a skins tank top, a jersey, a hat and/or headband and flip flops, putting car window flags on my car, heading to pick up my friends J and L and then... and thennn... WE HEAD TO BALTIMORE TO WATCH THE SKINS TAKE ON THE RAVENS IN THE FIRST PRE-SEASON GAME!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I cant believe it's finally here! Football season is HERE! No more watching stupid baseball highlights on ESPN! Well... a little bit but I can handle a little bit. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this. Without football a part of me would die every August. I'm a summer baby, a beach girl; I get pretty depressed come winter- I HATE winter. Football keeps me alive through February and then it's just a couple short torturous months counting down to when the warm weather comes back. Thanksgiving and Christmas have NOTHING on football. Once Halloween is over it's all football all the freagin time for me and I LOVE it.

I'm lucky enough to have some bad ass friends, both girls and boys, who also are pretty obsessed with football so you can expect some pretty amazing stories of our football outings. I promise they will never disappoint. Tomorrow is L's birthday so you know it's gonna get crazy. So maybe I'll see you in Baltimore tomorrow! If you're going to the game let me know! We're pretty amazing tailgating buddies... we will whoop you in some beer pong. We also love corn hole and shotgunning beers before game time. =) HTTR!!! I cant even express how pumped I am. AHHHHH!!!


auburntigersfootball said...

when i was thinking about football, my spine started tingling and everything. WOOT!

auburntigersfootball said...

aw man...i got a comment removed on cooley's blog... i don't know why? i just put down my youtube website and my blog... :(

do you like the video?

Anthony M Burrola said...

23-0...that's worse than my Cowboys' loss. Except we lost to the Raiders. Okay I take it back our loss was worse.